Class CenteredLabelLayout

  extended bynet.sourceforge.barbecue.output.LabelLayout
      extended bynet.sourceforge.barbecue.output.CenteredLabelLayout

public class CenteredLabelLayout
extends LabelLayout

Field Summary
static int BARS_TEXT_VGAP
          Pixel gap between the barcode bars and the top of the data text underneath
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Constructor Summary
CenteredLabelLayout(int x, int y, int width)
Method Summary
protected  void calculate()
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Field Detail


public static final int BARS_TEXT_VGAP
Pixel gap between the barcode bars and the top of the data text underneath

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Constructor Detail


public CenteredLabelLayout(int x,
                           int y,
                           int width)
Method Detail


protected void calculate()
Specified by:
calculate in class LabelLayout

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