Package net.sourceforge.barbecue

Class Summary
Barcode Abstract barcode class that provides functionality that is common to all barcodes.
BarcodeFactory This factory provides a standard way of creating barcodes.
BarcodeImageHandler Utility class to provide convenience methods for converting barcodes to images and other misc barcode handling.
BarcodePortlet Barcode portlet Note: this portlet uses features from the Portlet 2.0 specification (JSR-286).
BarcodeServlet The query parameters for this servlet are: data, required, example: "1234567890" type, optional, examples: "Code128A", "Code128B", "Code128C", if left blank will default to Code 128 B.
BlankModule Specific implementation of Module that provides blank space.
CompositeModule Specific implementation of Module that allows the grouping of multiple Modules into one parent module.
Main Provide a command line interface to simulate GNU barcode.
Module Internal class that is used to organise barcode data into groups of bars.
Modulo10 Modulo 10 Check Sum class.
SeparatorModule Specific implementation of Module that draws a blank bar (of configurable width).

Exception Summary
BarcodeException Checked exception thrown when a barcode is constructed with invalid data or options.

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